Gemstone & Beaded jewelry at its finest at  I recently did some photography for the website and was baffled about the amount and shear volume of jewelry.  I walked into this rooms with 1,000’s of pieces.  Photograph all of these please.    Anything from beaded necklaces in every gemstone known to man, to Sterling Silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendents, cufflinks, brooches even gemstones for healing.  There is something for everyone man woman, child or any event- formal casual or particular.

Some of my favorites were the beaded scarfs.  You can wrap them in 10 different ways and they come in several different color combinations.   I had an amazing model to shoot all this jewelry she stayed completely still the entire time and never talked back.  I didnt have to feed her either, however she never laughed at my jokes which is a problem.   It was very one sided.  It was almost like she was a manikin.

For your Valentines needs- get your sweety or someone you love in your life something almost as precious as them at

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Natalie Cass

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