American Mall- the newest musical produced by the producers of High School Musical and MTV. The film was shot completely in Utah at the Provo Mall of all places in the middle of winter. The movie is about a girl who wants to follow her dreams as a musician or follow the practical path of business that her mom recommends. Along the way she meets this hunk who falls in love with her. He gets distracted by a lovely lady who can make all his dreams come true.
The first day of set I got stuck in a blizzard and was a few hours late. I along with a few other photographers did the production stills for American Mall.
It was fun working on set. During lunch I would grab some of the camera guys and play with the musical instruments. It didn’t sound that fantastic but it was a fun time.

American Mall premiered on MTV Aug 11th, DVD’s available on Aug 12th.

 MG 0219 American Mall, MTV movie
 MG 0766 American Mall, MTV movie
 MG 0318 American Mall, MTV movie

movie 01 American Mall, MTV movie
movie 02 1 American Mall, MTV movie

 MG 0799 American Mall, MTV movie

 MG 1451 American Mall, MTV movie

Here is a music video that was created that was fun. It’s funny that this 3 minute music video was a 16 hour day. This song is permanently embedded in my sub conscience.

To find out more about the film please visit the website

Utah Movie Photographer Natalie Cass

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