Growing Roots provides support and education for families with children with disabilities. “What does this diagnosis mean? Who can help me in my community? Why do I feel this way? How can I help my child? Who are all these specialists and what should I ask them? How can I care for the rest of my family?” Growing Roots is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empowers families by

This festival always kicks my butt every year for the past 7 years. This year was no different. I get commentary from the universe ” Oh isn’t it SO FUN- you get to party the whole time and photograph celebrities.. wow. wow… wow”. Yes it can be that fun- usually for the filmmakers, A-listers,” famous people”, volunteers or the public enjoying the festival. So I just want to burst that

This is not a TV show… this is Vintage Fashion Story that combines Vintage clothing from several stores in the North Loop Shopping district in Austin Texas, complete strangers ( who are not models, actors or perfect people) a glorious Bar, a producer to pull it all together and my crazy idea of fun and no alcohol. Initially this shoot was done for a poster for a fashion event featuring

I had the opportunity to photograph the owner of Moonshine Chuck for the Austin Independent Business Alliance . At the beginning Chuck was telling us a story about Thanksgiving about how he loves to sit around the table with all his family and friends and naw down on a huge piece of Pork Chop. After trying a few different directions it turns out that is the creative direction we went

This was like a reality television show 72 hour film festival to shoot this Christian Rock Band…. The Jonny Wright Band. My right hand is Rachel Kay with AppleBox Imaging , brilliant photographer friend and together we orchestrated chaos( produced, creative direction, scrip, directed, Lighting design, ward robe, post production, CD design, Photography, Video Editing) in the name of spreading their message of Hope. We got the go for the

The Solution for reading Glasses: The first-ever reading glasses that can be worn all day! Esotika Di Huschka is a brand to truly change up the game in the eye-wear industry. With a concave lens, they are not only more functional, but also more stylish. The glasses have the added benefit of not hiding the wearer’s eyes and actually fostering eye contact with others. For those of you who wear

No more pedestal for the flawless woman, she doesn’t exist.. only in photoshop. I have photographed hundreds of “immaculate” hot babes in my day. I am more interested in the creating more of an editorial image that has a hint of a dysfunctional story behind it. Which is really what is going on anyways on some level. On set woman are glammed up- with a hair and makeup stylist, a

The Plot thickens…. “Joe Vernon and wife Diane were sent to Europe for a mission to prevent the theft of classified material. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong and the mission failed. Everything was going well until the man they are following and all of the team are inexplicably killed. Devastated Joe and Diane try to figure out their next move before they get killed. It seems to be a bit

The Austin Independent Business Alliance ( AIBA ) features Austin Texas business Dog Boys Dog Ranch ( The owners Bart and Courtney are as nice as can be. They have figured out Dog Heaven for owners and dogs. Dog Boys ranch is a place where you can have your dog boarded, day care, trained, and wellness including chiropractic and massage all in one place. They have a huge Texas