This is one of the most interesting assignments of my life was photography John Ramsey for the book cover of his new book ” The Other side of Suffering”. Before shooting him I did a lot of research. I remember the story and when this came out when I was child 14 years ago. In my research it really was striking how sad and how much press this case got.

I was Brooklyn for business and I was staying with my good Friends and they live in the tallest building in Brooklyn. So going to the roof is incredible. No need to fight the lines at the Empire State building to see the skyline. We decided to hang out there enjoy some wine and these people were lighting these Fire Lanterns and letting them float off the building. I happened

Alienation is defined as: al·ien·a·tion/ˌālēəˈnāSHən/Noun 1. Isolation from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved. 2. Loss or lack of sympathy Alien Nation conveys the feelings of separation and disconnection in society. How strange our culture would appear to such an outsider. The imagery encourages reflection upon our social conditioning and paradigm. Its an interesting social commentary and question about

Want to escape Utah and have the feeling of England. Come and visit Haxton Manor Bed & Breakfast on 943 East South Temple! It has the unique feeling of a English Country Inn from the turn of the Century. Buffi and Douglas King have completely renovated the house, while maintaining the integrity of the original builders. The modernization of Haxton Manor includes gas and standard fireplaces, replacing coal or wood

Animal Use or Animal Abuse. Rooster’s nature to Fight- Cockfighting Recently we photographed Danny Rogers & his birds; he is a bird wrangler, He raises and cares for all sorts of animals- specifically Roosters and Racing Pedigree Pigeons in Lockhart Texas. He raises the birds and sales them worldwide. It is illegal to fight roosters across the states. The word on the street is that it still happens in small

How does one advertise for the treatment of Varicose veins. It takes a team! Scott Eggers was the art director/ graphic designer. He is extremely talented and experienced in advertising. Penny Goodwin was also incredibly awesome with wardrobe / makeup. Locally in Utah there is Medical Spa that helps assist in treatment of Varicose veins; Mountain Medical Vein Center Mountain Medical Physician Specialists is the largest radiology and vascular

Costa Rica, Pura Vida!! Here is a preview of a Coffee Table book im creating. “Pura Vida” Travel the world, take pictures and make money is the Dream manifested to reality. Awesome. 🙂 These images were actually taken for fun- the money came later. Returning to Awe/ Wonder; is what got me into photography in the first place. This is fun! When I did my research about traveling to Costa

This is what I + others do for fun. Play with FIRE. There was a huge collaboration of people that brought this together. Clayton Allred, Kim Olsen and I Produced this. My big regret is I didnt get a cast/crew photo. We had 60 people in some way help put this together. Thank you so much to everyone for your contribution. Seriously Photographers- Natalie Cass, Darryl Dobson, Leland Marshal, Fred

Alien The Douche bag This is a personal project ” Alien the Douche Bag” about Social Alienation, Im doing in collaboration with Special effects makeup artist Chris Hansen, and Actor/Model James Christian Morris and Filmmakers Bert & Tiger with One Shot Presents. Theme- Social Alienation in different gradients of culture, social economic status’s, and social disorientation, caused to be unloved, isolated excluded. ~Hostility- the feeling of being alienated from other

CTR Clothing- “Choose the Right” . When you look good you feel good- which is especially important when you travel away from your family for two years to spread the word of peace. This clothing is specific for Latter Day Saint (LDS) Missionaries. Missionaries do have a look about them that is recognizable around the world. Utah is infamous for this. CTR Clothing is a manufacturer of apparel and accessories