This assignment the client allowed me to geek out and get my art on. Which was fun. These industrial photos are each segments in the ATM Housing process ( the shell with bank logo ). I did the environmental portraits outside of the assignment. The manufacture plant is in Salt Lake City and they ship their products across the country. So my job is to cover the manufacture process as

Three of Marinello Schools of Beauty came together and competed for the “Best” Hair Makeup & Nails. A day of beauty & chaos- competiton was steep. My job was was to cover the process and also shoot their work. It was a 12 hour day of working with 110 stylists and 110 Talent. Wo! It was fun and I was very impressed with what these folks could do finishing up


Jun 2010

Flashes of Hope

I did this recent volunteer photo shoot for Flashes of Hope. Flashes of Hope is a national nonprofit organization that changes the way children with cancer see themselves through the gift of photography and raises money for pediatric cancer research.The portraits, help children feel better about their changing appearance by celebrating it. For families of terminally ill children, it’s especially important to have a portrait that preserves forever the beauty,


Jun 2010

Simply Snake

Super fun shoot, there was 15 folks there, a Snake, a DJ and we had an alternative purpose that we were there for; however with the ingredients: a Snake, a bunch of hippies how could one resist. Create for the sake of creating. I wouldn’t mind extending this and shoot more series of this. Sexy Snake 🙂 I jumped in with the snake at the end as well. Portraiture Cass

Sing & Style MP3 Hair Brush | cassstudios | blogs It’s the new Big Thing- Sing & Style MP3 Hair Brush. While your getting ready in the morning ladies, NOW you can Brush your hair rock out and play your favorite MP3’s all at once. This product is quite the hit in China. This was a funny photoshoot. The talent Sarah was awesome. She happened to be an Opera singing

Utah Wedding Photography- Pakistani Wedding Beautiful Pakistani Wedding. It was a 3 Day event. The bride had a new dress each day. It was lots of fun. I learned how to say laugh in Pakistan- which sadly was my top joke. All the details were amazing. Salt Lake City Utah, Wedding Photography by Cass Studios Natalie Cass

I photographed this play ” The Power of his Touch” last week at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City. Good group of people performing the Story of Jesus for the Easter Season. My favorite image is the one with guy who has the two Roman Soldiers after him. For information on the Play please visit Event/ Play Photography By Natalie Cass Cass Studios

I was wondering around the forest looking for inspiration. Fairies 🙂 This was alot of fun to create. Fairy Fantasty Photography by Natalie Cass Cass Studios

Musician images from Sundance Film Festival 2010 Lyle Levitt, John Hyatt, Richard Marx and more- Event Photographer Salt Lake City UT Natalie Cass Cass Studios

This is a 140 Second video that I orchestrated for the Nikon Contest for best “Day in the life”. Funny enough we had 5 photographers on the crew and another 30 other people that participated in one way or another to make this possible. The song ” I love what I do” was a collaboration I did with Musician Aaron Terry AKA Lootchiano four years ago, inspired by my logo