What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Mountain Man? Someone who lives on the land and is well versed in living organically I suppose. Mel is popular with artists from painters, to sculptors, to photographers. Mels presence in his element is his own. He has a few buffalo heads hanging around the cabin. He raves about his buffalo Chile he makes from 15 year old frozen meat. He also jokes that I should go running and he’ll catch me with a lasso. Im not 5 years old don’t think that would be fun 🙂

 3792 Mel The Mountain Man

 3783 Mel The Mountain Man

 3764 Mel The Mountain Man

Photography by Natalie Cass Cass Studios

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Natalie Cass

Expert in her field with over 9 Yrs experience working in Advertising & Entertainment Photography. Connect with Natalie on Google+

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