Jun 2010

Simply Snake

Super fun shoot, there was 15 folks there, a Snake, a DJ and we had an alternative purpose that we were there for; however with the ingredients: a Snake, a bunch of hippies how could one resist. Create for the sake of creating. I wouldn’t mind extending this and shoot more series of this. Sexy Snake 🙂 I jumped in with the snake at the end as well.

 MG 8354 Simply Snake

 MG 8323 Simply Snake

 MG 8413 Simply Snake

 MG 8519 Simply Snake

 MG 8454 Simply Snake

 MG 8539 Simply Snake

 MG 8678 Simply Snake

 MG 8797 Simply Snake

Portraiture Cass Studios Salt Lake City Utah

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%name Simply Snake

Natalie Cass

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