No more pedestal for the flawless woman, she doesn’t exist.. only in photoshop. I have photographed hundreds of “immaculate” hot babes in my day. I am more interested in the creating more of an editorial image that has a hint of a dysfunctional story behind it. Which is really what is going on anyways on some level. On set woman are glammed up- with a hair and makeup stylist, a ward drobe stylist- everything is very calculated and controlled. I call it fabulous fake. We Photoshop them to look perfect and beautiful. This shoot was for body spray tanning. Yet another element to make us look perfect.

It was an insanely hot day shooting these girls outside in blanket sun. Camera, lights, knees hands all burned.

DSC 4158 the un Fabulous Fake
DSC 4230 the un Fabulous Fake
DSC 4339 the un Fabulous Fake

Photography created by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios, Austin Texas Photographer.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 the un Fabulous Fake
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%name the un Fabulous Fake

Natalie Cass

Expert in her field with over 9 Yrs experience working in Advertising & Entertainment Photography. Connect with Natalie on Google+

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