The concept was re-imagined after visiting a small town called Utopia Texas and had breakfast at the Lost Maple Cafe. Inside they had several old west photos that decorated the cafe. I feel in love with the nostalgia of the images. I sat on the idea for two years. I happened to have a few wardrobe stylist friends that helped me put this together. We shot at the J. Loraine Ghost town that’s out in Manor Texas. It had flash flooded the night before. It was a major challenge to wrangle 15 people, 4 horses in 3 feet of mud across a 2 mile old movie set. I used Joseph Campbell’s story archetypes when developing my characters. My intent was to make the images look like they came out of a western film.

Western Shoot
Creative/ Photographer/ Producer
Cass Studios
Location: j lorraine ghost town Manor Texas
Behind the Scenes Video
Michael Hurley
Production Crew:
Kyle Stephens, Ayla Betancourt, Eric Adams
Hero:Tye Nelson

Gambler: Eric Burton

Madame: Rebekka Adams

Another slut: Alissa Duquette

Bad guy: Dave Wolfe

Bad guy sidekick : Todd Johnson

Respectable Lady Kalan Contreras

The christian: Sara Boswell

Sheriff: Patrick Hurst
#LucyinDisguise #sarahBoswell #bloomers&frocks
Wardrobe styling: #DuquetteCostomes, # Bloomers&Frocks
Kalan Contreras
Wally Jay
Horse Wrangler
Lynn Carpenter
#sony a7rii
Post Processing
#nikcollection, #vintagecamera

bad_guy_with_gun_western_texas gambling_scene_western_saloon gang_of_men_outside_saloon_western hooker_western_portrait_with_horse moody_western_scene oldwest_starchy_christian saloon_scene_western showgirl_portrait_with_horse split_lighting_christian_western western_cowboy_pulling_gun western_dansel_in_distress western_gun_fight_with_hooker western_shootout_ As a professional photographer I have found that it keeps my soul alive to do personal assignments outside of my professional work.  That is why I created my own western.

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