My client Aesthetic Video Source does instructional videos for beauty professionals around the world. I’ve worked with them for a few years doing the stills for the videos. You could say I get quite the beauty education seeing and being apart of the process. Putting eyelashes on takes FOREVER and a day! One eye lash at a time. Wow. It literally looks like surgery or what I would imagine the

This was shot all in one fruitful location. This model Nique is a personal trainer/ Pole dancer and wanted to expand her income source with modeling. It was a fun shoot. Model Portfolio Photographer Salt Lake City Utah Natalie Cass Cass Studios

So it was fun and a lot of foot work covering the festival. Park City turns into this different place, parking is impossible, people are everywhere looking to spot any celebrity. While I’m running around assignment to assignment all over the town. I covered movie premiers, panels, parties, & forums. I only saw a handful of movies that were very interesting. This short film Rite was so beautifully done and

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