Be your personal adventure photographer? Don’t mind if I do! I am collaborating with adventurer sports extraordinaire Bill Heaner. He does everything you could imagine, paragliding, rock climb, base jump and etc. He is a master in his fields and teaches new eager folks. My job is to more or less follow him around on his adventures while participating in the sports. He has a product line and a tv

Studio Salon Hair & Makeup by Araine Borg This was a fun shoot which was a combo of stills and podcast video for Araine Borg at Studio Salons. She used Kevin Murphy products on all of the talent along with her makeup line Beauty by Nature. I have worked with alot of hair and makeup lines and I was fairly impressed with the product lines. The talent Lacy Rachelle, Shae

Mattie & Carrie, is a short film Directed and produced by Thomas Cassetta. The basic synopsis: Its a story about a Grandmother and Granddaughter. The Grandmother is battling with the edge of Alzheimer’s Disease. The family is up at Character Matties house to celebrate a family wedding. Mattie & Carrie decide to go out in the woods and end up getting lost into the night. The family frantically searches for

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