Its one of those events which is way more fun to shoot then it is to watch. Unless im a dude that’s into those things. It was a cool event- im in awe that these athletes do such crazy things at such a young age. Happy to see them moving and not playing video games! But I digress 🙂 Action sport photography salt lake city by Natalie Cass Cass Studios

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase Mountain Man? Someone who lives on the land and is well versed in living organically I suppose. Mel is popular with artists from painters, to sculptors, to photographers. Mels presence in his element is his own. He has a few buffalo heads hanging around the cabin. He raves about his buffalo Chile he makes from 15 year old frozen meat. He

I am collaborating with Architects of Imagination AOI; on their series “Hell Hole” to create press photos for the series. I will also be doing the scene stills during production. The basic Synopsis is this couple moves into this new neighborhood and the entrance to Hell is in their Yard. The husband become friends with the devil which eventually puts a fork into his marriage. It is a comedy. Filming

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