Sing & Style MP3 Hair Brush | cassstudios | blogs It’s the new Big Thing- Sing & Style MP3 Hair Brush. While your getting ready in the morning ladies, NOW you can Brush your hair rock out and play your favorite MP3’s all at once. This product is quite the hit in China. This was a funny photoshoot. The talent Sarah was awesome. She happened to be an Opera singing

Utah Wedding Photography- Pakistani Wedding Beautiful Pakistani Wedding. It was a 3 Day event. The bride had a new dress each day. It was lots of fun. I learned how to say laugh in Pakistan- which sadly was my top joke. All the details were amazing. Salt Lake City Utah, Wedding Photography by Cass Studios Natalie Cass

I photographed this play ” The Power of his Touch” last week at the Rose Wagner Theater in Salt Lake City. Good group of people performing the Story of Jesus for the Easter Season. My favorite image is the one with guy who has the two Roman Soldiers after him. For information on the Play please visit Event/ Play Photography By Natalie Cass Cass Studios

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