Gemstone & Beaded jewelry at its finest at  I recently did some photography for the website and was baffled about the amount and shear volume of jewelry.  I walked into this rooms with 1,000’s of pieces.  Photograph all of these please.    Anything from beaded necklaces in every gemstone known to man, to Sterling Silver necklaces, rings, bracelets, pendents, cufflinks, brooches even gemstones for healing.  There is something for

This is the first time when covering this festival that I have actually been able to get more into the films then the coverage of the glitz, the glamor, the  constant party surrounding the festival.   As a press photographer of the festival I am covering premiers, red carpets, parties, panels, and more parties for 12-15 hour days.  I am working hard.   It is an extremely intense experience running around

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