No more processed fast food for limited budgets.  It is now possible to eat healthy on a budget.  This new app created by Lauren Foster enables folks to put in a budget and get recipes that fit the budget.  The app pairs with different grocery stores with current prices and coupons of food items. Stretch is a life made easy app that helps people pair their cash on hand along

To Start off my epic ski adventure in one of the most glorious snow paradises in the world, my luggage gets LOST by Alaska Airlines. They have NO clue what is going on. There was complications – we arrived in Seattle and we car loaded up to Canada 5 hours away. So the big question was when was my luggage with all my gear, snow clothes, camera equipment, soul going

Envision an elementary for you child that prepares your child to be an international citizen, how to speak 3 different languages, how to be an inquiry based learner, how to recycle, how to garden, how to use the latest in technology with computers, tablets, that supports the arts- in photography, video, painting, drawing and theater. Envision a international community of parents, teachers, and other children that posses these same values.

Atlas Fit from Natalie Cass on Vimeo. I had the opportunity to shoot the launch advertising photo/video campaign for ATLAS•FIT; a new fitness facility in Lakeway, Texas. Their gym is luxurious with fitness equipment from Europe that includes; Atlantis, Elieko and Watson dumbbells to all the details/design of the amenities. ATLAS•FIT offers a customized personal training services and exclusive gym memberships. The owner, Ryan Bayless is a PoliquinTM Level 2

Spooky leaf blower portraits. Quick disclaimer- noone was injured during this photoshoot( other then mosquito bites). I know it looks like I tortured these poor people but really we were having a grand old time with the leaf blower. To take a proper leaf blower portrait isn’t as easy as it looks. One must succumb to the leaf blower- relax all your muscles in your face and do your best

After an uneventful couple’s dinner, neighbors separate along gender lines, with Emily and Mary enjoying a spot of tea, while the men shuffle off to the lounge for brandy and cigars. Ever so nosy, the girls gossip and laugh about their mysterious new neighbor. They have seen strange lights and heard weird noises coming from her house but had yet to meet the woman who lived alone. Unexpectedly the neighbor

Weddings are not always happy stories.  Sometimes they end in ZOMBIES! Buah HA HA.  Perfect wedding day takes a turn for the worse for ZIlla & Henry as the wedding party turns into zombies during the ceremony and kills the pastor and the Groom must run for his life.  At the end the groom is faced with a moral dilemma – does he kill his not so beautiful Zombie Bride

Growing Roots provides support and education for families with children with disabilities. “What does this diagnosis mean? Who can help me in my community? Why do I feel this way? How can I help my child? Who are all these specialists and what should I ask them? How can I care for the rest of my family?” Growing Roots is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to empowers families by

This festival always kicks my butt every year for the past 7 years. This year was no different. I get commentary from the universe ” Oh isn’t it SO FUN- you get to party the whole time and photograph celebrities.. wow. wow… wow”. Yes it can be that fun- usually for the filmmakers, A-listers,” famous people”, volunteers or the public enjoying the festival. So I just want to burst that

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