This festival always kicks my butt every year for the past 7 years. This year was no different. I get commentary from the universe ” Oh isn’t it SO FUN- you get to party the whole time and photograph celebrities.. wow. wow… wow”. Yes it can be that fun- usually for the filmmakers, A-listers,” famous people”, volunteers or the public enjoying the festival. So I just want to burst that

Growing Roots empowers and educates Spanish and English-speaking low-income parents of children with special needs about their child’s needs through interactive classes and support groups sensitive to cultural, socioeconomic and language differences. I have the opportunity to join forces with Growing roots to create photography and video to help support their cause in helping these families. My Spanish is very broken and I know very few phrases so its been

Every 50 feet or 5 minutes which ever comes first there is a musician/ band at the SXSW Festival. From what I understand the grass plays music. Walking down Congress or the famous 6th Street is intimidating with what I call the Sea of Party People. It’s like spring break but cooler with the huge variety of music, films and technology/ classes. I really loved and enjoyed the music but

This is the first time when covering this festival that I have actually been able to get more into the films then the coverage of the glitz, the glamor, the  constant party surrounding the festival.   As a press photographer of the festival I am covering premiers, red carpets, parties, panels, and more parties for 12-15 hour days.  I am working hard.   It is an extremely intense experience running around

Mirazozo luminarium is a sculpture people enter to be immersed in radiant light and colour.  It is inspired by the beauty of natural geometry and by Islamic architecture.  It features winding passages of small domes inspired by repetitous forms found in the bazaars of Iran.  The colors is created purly by the light shining through the couloured plastic.  All the individual pieces have been cut and glued together by hand

Utah Wedding Photography- Pakistani Wedding Beautiful Pakistani Wedding. It was a 3 Day event. The bride had a new dress each day. It was lots of fun. I learned how to say laugh in Pakistan- which sadly was my top joke. All the details were amazing. Salt Lake City Utah, Wedding Photography by Cass Studios Natalie Cass

Musician images from Sundance Film Festival 2010 Lyle Levitt, John Hyatt, Richard Marx and more- Event Photographer Salt Lake City UT Natalie Cass Cass Studios

Its one of those events which is way more fun to shoot then it is to watch. Unless im a dude that’s into those things. It was a cool event- im in awe that these athletes do such crazy things at such a young age. Happy to see them moving and not playing video games! But I digress 🙂 Action sport photography salt lake city by Natalie Cass Cass Studios

Fashion is so funny to me but it looks flipping cool. I suppose if I was a stylist I would come up with all these wacky ideas for photos. It was a fun event- stage lighting so super difficult to shoot in. I would call these fine art ha 🙂 Event coverage by Natalie Cass, Cass Studios Salt Lake City Utah

So it was fun and a lot of foot work covering the festival. Park City turns into this different place, parking is impossible, people are everywhere looking to spot any celebrity. While I’m running around assignment to assignment all over the town. I covered movie premiers, panels, parties, & forums. I only saw a handful of movies that were very interesting. This short film Rite was so beautifully done and

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