Spooky leaf blower portraits. Quick disclaimer- noone was injured during this photoshoot( other then mosquito bites). I know it looks like I tortured these poor people but really we were having a grand old time with the leaf blower. To take a proper leaf blower portrait isn’t as easy as it looks. One must succumb to the leaf blower- relax all your muscles in your face and do your best

After an uneventful couple’s dinner, neighbors separate along gender lines, with Emily and Mary enjoying a spot of tea, while the men shuffle off to the lounge for brandy and cigars. Ever so nosy, the girls gossip and laugh about their mysterious new neighbor. They have seen strange lights and heard weird noises coming from her house but had yet to meet the woman who lived alone. Unexpectedly the neighbor

Weddings are not always happy stories.  Sometimes they end in ZOMBIES! Buah HA HA.  Perfect wedding day takes a turn for the worse for ZIlla & Henry as the wedding party turns into zombies during the ceremony and kills the pastor and the Groom must run for his life.  At the end the groom is faced with a moral dilemma – does he kill his not so beautiful Zombie Bride

This is not a TV show… this is Vintage Fashion Story that combines Vintage clothing from several stores in the North Loop Shopping district in Austin Texas, complete strangers ( who are not models, actors or perfect people) a glorious Bar, a producer to pull it all together and my crazy idea of fun and no alcohol. Initially this shoot was done for a poster for a fashion event featuring

No more pedestal for the flawless woman, she doesn’t exist.. only in photoshop. I have photographed hundreds of “immaculate” hot babes in my day. I am more interested in the creating more of an editorial image that has a hint of a dysfunctional story behind it. Which is really what is going on anyways on some level. On set woman are glammed up- with a hair and makeup stylist, a

The Plot thickens…. “Joe Vernon and wife Diane were sent to Europe for a mission to prevent the theft of classified material. Unfortunately, something went horribly wrong and the mission failed. Everything was going well until the man they are following and all of the team are inexplicably killed. Devastated Joe and Diane try to figure out their next move before they get killed. It seems to be a bit

Alienation is defined as: al·ien·a·tion/ˌālēəˈnāSHən/Noun 1. Isolation from a group or an activity to which one should belong or in which one should be involved. 2. Loss or lack of sympathy Alien Nation conveys the feelings of separation and disconnection in society. How strange our culture would appear to such an outsider. The imagery encourages reflection upon our social conditioning and paradigm. Its an interesting social commentary and question about

This is what I + others do for fun. Play with FIRE. There was a huge collaboration of people that brought this together. Clayton Allred, Kim Olsen and I Produced this. My big regret is I didnt get a cast/crew photo. We had 60 people in some way help put this together. Thank you so much to everyone for your contribution. Seriously Photographers- Natalie Cass, Darryl Dobson, Leland Marshal, Fred

I was wondering around the forest looking for inspiration. Fairies 🙂 This was alot of fun to create. Fairy Fantasty Photography by Natalie Cass Cass Studios www.cassstudios.com

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