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Child Advertising Photographer

Yellow is the color between green and orange in the spectrum of visible light. It is the color of ripe lemons, sunflowers and gold. It is a primary color in subtractive color, used in color printing.

Professional images of children that are used for advertising a brand.

We are a well-known child advertising photography studio that provides unrivaled child advertising services throughout Salt Lake City, Utah. Our talented child advertising photographers provide advertising imagery of children for a variety of uses, including school, educational content, entertainment productions, business, non-profits, and so on. We have worked with special needs children, celebrities, and language barriers over the years.

We shoot child advertising portraits using the best angles and camera equipment so that you can use them for social media, print media, and other purposes. Our Salt Lake City portrait photographers can help you take artistic, natural, and appealing photos of your children. 

Commercial & Editorial Child Advertising Photography Studio:  

Cass Studios is a Salt Lake City-based reputed child advertising studio, offering best-in-class services across the city. Under the supervision of Natalie Cass, one of Salt Lake City’s best child advertising photographers, we deliver  first-class children portraits for non-profit and commercial purposes. Our Child advertising photographers in Salt Lake City are always open to collaborate, communicate your ideas so that you get scintillating results. 

Child Advertising Video Production: 

Convey your non-profit and commercial stories to a broader audience with compelling yet effective video content. Our child advertising video production studio caters to unique needs of clients and delivers every project in a timely manner. We offer a variety of videos including event videos, testimonials, education, promos/education, promos, and profile stories.