Our head office is located at 46, Broadway in the beautiful Salt Lake City, Utah. We offer round-the-clock customer service & support to answer any of your questions through email or phone.  

If you would like to talk to our photography team to find more about us, then you can simply schedule an appointment by using the following ways.

#Address: 46, Broadway, Salt Lake City, Utah 84101.

Phone number: +1 801 644 9687 

Email: info@nataliecass.com

Things to keep in mind.

What is your Shot list?

Did you need photography of your service, products, process, people, location and other?
What are the categories, What is the process, Help me understand your service/product.

Who all is involved?

Who are all the decision makers? Is there a design firm or agency involved? Who is going to be photographed? Who do we need to get special permissions from?

How do you plan on using the images and for how long?

Will you be posting them on your website, social media, advertising print campaign, brochures/ print collateral, trade magazines, book publication.
How long do you plan on using these images?

Tell me about your brand?

What is your brand feeling, concept, color palette, and target audience?
Who are your competitors.

What is your Timeline & Budget?

When do the photos need to go to press? What is your budget range you would like to keep around?

Email us

+1 801-644-9687

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