Corporate Video Production Utah

What is the Process?

We provide a full service approach to creating : web commercials, promotional videos, Corporate Videos and personality profiles. Create a custom video for your business. Grab your clients attention with a creative impactful video about your product.

Concept/ Branding

Whether you’re at step one with creating your brand or already have a brand identity. With understanding your target audience, purpose, basic message we will customize an approach that best suits your needs and budget.


This involves the schedule/plan of execution of the who, the what, where, how and with what crew is needed and supplies.


Whether it is an interview shoot, acted sequence, or candid footage, it is crucial to get coverage that will help build your story when it is finally time to edit.

Post Production

We sync the footage with the audio tracks, consolidate the gold, and start laying out the story in a sequence.

Things to keep in mind.

What is your concept/story , do you have a script and or Question list?

What are the key components to your story. Is there a process, are their categories? What are the feelings that you want communicated?

Who all is involved?

Who are all the decision makers? Is there a design firm or agency involved? Who is going to be in the video? Who do we need to get special permissions from?

Who is your target audience?

Tell me about who the video is geared towards. What are their behaviors towards your subject. What are your competitors doing?

What is your Timeline ?

When do the video need to go live, what format do you need it in?

What is your budget range?

What is your budget range you would like to keep around?

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