This assignment the client allowed me to geek out and get my art on. Which was fun. These industrial photos are each segments in the ATM Housing process ( the shell with bank logo ). I did the environmental portraits outside of the assignment. The manufacture plant is in Salt Lake City and they ship their products across the country. So my job is to cover the manufacture process as well as photograph ATM’s across the country on location, at banks, grocery stores, malls and etc. It was a refreshing job quite different then making up models, and catering to the politics of actors on movies. Instead there was language barriers as well as breathing barriers. I had to wear a mask and take frequent breaks for fresh air. It was like being on NPR or This American Life for the day and learn about this process and people. Thats one of my favorite things about photography- all access pass to the Universe!

 4967 Industrial Photography
 4852 Industrial Photography

 4886 Industrial Photography
 5254 Industrial Photography
 4987 Industrial Photography

 5235 Industrial Photography
 5240 Industrial Photography
 5274 Industrial Photography
 5071 Industrial Photography
 5414 Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography Salt Lake City Utah Cass Studios

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%name Industrial Photography

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