I had the opportunity to photograph the owner of Moonshine Chuck for the Austin Independent Business Alliance . At the beginning Chuck was telling us a story about Thanksgiving about how he loves to sit around the table with all his family and friends and naw down on a huge piece of Pork Chop. After trying a few different directions it turns out that is the creative direction we went on the shoot.

Moonshine has some dedicate Southern/ Texas Food . It does feel like thanksgiving due to the quantity of food. The atmosphere is charming. The restaurant is in an old historic building that was back in the day of pilgrims and no traffic it was called a Sunday House. People would come from afar to church in Austin and stay over night and have a delicious meal.

moonshineRestuarant Moonshine Restuarant  Southern Inspired Food

Commercial Photography created by Natalie Cass, CassStudios www.CassStudios.com

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