Portrait of an Addict was filmed for Serenity Star, a non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Smithville, TX. It’s a raw truthful  and redemption story of a recovering addict dealing with the lies and demons that consume his thoughts. We hope to raise awareness for addicts looking for a solution. serenitystar.org. Michael Hurley was the DP and I did 2nd camera, 1st AC and Stills.

I got the opportunity to collaborate with Pipeline films to create this project ” Portrait of an Addict”.  Our subject Michael was one of the most real people I have ever met.  It took a tremendous amount of courage to allow a film crew to allow us follow him around for 4 days and be completely real about his story.  Michael hope, is to create awareness and hope for other people that are going through addiction in whatever context.  That there is hope for recovery and a light at the end of the tunnel.

When photographing Michael he kinda hypnotized me with his rawness and willingness to be a martor for Serenity Star.

This was a volunteer project which gave a different context to the crew.  We all wanted to be there for Michael, to tell his story.  Its important to do passion projects because it fulfills that part of your soul that itches to help people.

DSC5718 Portrait of an Addict DSC5773 Portrait of an Addict DSC5804 Portrait of an Addict DSC5876 Portrait of an Addict F5A5435 Portrait of an Addict F5A5537v2 Portrait of an Addict

F5A5596 2v2 Portrait of an Addict

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Portrait of an Addict

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