Healthcare Medical Photographer

What is the Process?

We provide Healthcare Medical and Lifestyle photography for institutions, private practices, magazines, education and for advertising.

Concept/ Branding

The most important yet overlooked step in the production process is simply coming up with a great idea. Defining the target audience, purpose, and message gives us a great starting point.

The who, the What, the Where

We need to know who's involved, what the context of the images are going to be and where they will be shot.


Its recommended that we do a walk through before shooting and logistically plan out the day.

Fast Turnaround

We create proofing websites with a business day where the client can select images.

Things to keep in mind.

What is your Shot List

Who is all involved?

Are there any special considerations safety issues to be aware of

How do you plan on using the images and for how long?

What is your Timeline & Budget?


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