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Event Media Team : Photographer, Videographer, Drone Pilot

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Handling branded events with an experience Media Team.

Cass Studios is a full-time photography studio in Salt Lake City, Utah that offers corporate event photography services to meet your diverse project needs. Our Corporate Event Photographers always give their all to help you take your corporate events to the next level. We provide first-rate coverage for all of your corporate events, from conventions and trade shows to festivals and conferences. With our Salt Lake City event coverage photographer on your side, you’ll always have the assurance that your event photographs will be treasured for a lifetime.

Commercial & Editorial Corporate Event Photography Studio: 

We offer a world-class corporate event photography service that fits your needs and budget. Our mission has been to deliver detail-defining imagery to every business for their corporate events. Our Event Photographers in Salt Lake City capture every detail of your corporate event with the right techniques, skills, and knowledge. We also make sure you get access to quality marketing content and materials through our service. 

Corporate Event Video Production: 

Cass Studios takes pride in providing high-quality Corporate Video Production in Salt Lake City, Utah. Event videography is a unique art form, and each of our photographers understands how to blend in with the crowd to capture candid and posed video content. Our professional photographers always go above and beyond to capture the special moments of your event.

Organizing a corporate event soon? Let’s talk about how we can make it more memorable for everyone.

Event Recap Videos

A service event recap video production involves creating a visual summary of a particular event or service-related activity. This type of video is designed to capture the essence of the event, showcase key moments, and highlight the value and impact of the service provided.

Event Drone Photographer: Aerial Photography and Videography

Capture breathtaking aerial shots of your event venue, showcasing its beauty from a perspective that traditional photography can’t achieve.

Create stunning video content that highlights the atmosphere, scale, and grandeur of your event.

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Headshot Station

Professional Headshot Booth – the perfect addition to enhance the experience for your attendees. In the corporate world, a polished and professional image is key, and our headshot services are designed to provide just that. Elevate the profile of your event by offering a dedicated space where attendees can update their professional image with a high-quality headshot.

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