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Corporate Video Production

We provide a full service approach to creating : web commercials, promotional videos, Corporate Videos and personality profiles. Create a custom video for your business. Grab your clients attention with a creative impactful video about your product.

Corporate Film and Video Production Salt Lake City

Cass Studios has the ability to deliver jaw-dropping videos that will resonate with your customers. We believe this is because of the level of talent, experience, and expertise to work together with our clients. This motivation and vision have helped us become the best Corporate Video Production Studio in Salt Lake City. With our award-winning video production services, you can count on the never-ending growth and success of your business.

We Create Your Dream Videos!

Brand Videos

Ignite your brand’s narrative with our captivating brand video production. We craft a visual symphony that goes beyond showcasing products – we tell your story. From the inception of your brand to its current triumphs, our videos evoke emotion, leaving a lasting imprint on your audience. Immerse viewers in the essence of your brand, its values, and the unique journey that sets you apart. Elevate your identity with a brand video that not only speaks but resonates, forging an indelible connection with your audience.

Event Recap Videos

Capture the essence of your event with our expert event recap video production services. We skillfully distill the highlights, key moments, and vibrant atmosphere into a dynamic and engaging video that encapsulates the spirit of your occasion. From candid interviews to stunning visuals, our recap videos are crafted to leave a lasting impression, ensuring your audience relives the excitement and energy of your event long after it concludes. Trust us to transform your event memories into a compelling visual narrative.

Educational Training Videos

Elevate your learning experience with our educational training videos. Immerse yourself in concise and informative content designed to empower and educate. Our videos feature expert instructors, engaging visuals, and practical demonstrations to enhance your understanding and skill acquisition. Unlock the door to knowledge with our carefully crafted educational training videos — where learning meets innovation.

Recruiting Videos

We go beyond resumes, offering a glimpse into your company culture, values, and career opportunities. Our videos showcase the heartbeat of your organization, introducing potential candidates to the people and passion that drive success. Join us in redefining recruitment – it’s not just about finding a job; it’s about discovering a place where careers thrive. Welcome to a new era of talent acquisition through the power of compelling storytelling.

Profile Stories

Bring your nonprofit’s impact to life with our profile story videos. We specialize in capturing the heart and soul of your organization through the personal narratives of those touched by your mission. From beneficiaries and volunteers to dedicated staff, we illuminate the human side of your nonprofit, creating a powerful connection with your audience. These profile stories go beyond statistics, providing a moving and authentic portrayal of the lives your organization touches. Let us help you share the compelling stories that drive your nonprofit’s commitment to positive change.

Nonprofit Brand Video

Elevate your nonprofit’s mission with a professionally crafted brand video that tells your story, highlights your achievements, and inspires action. Our high-quality visuals and compelling narratives create an emotional connection with viewers, motivating them to support your cause. With customized messaging and professional production, our videos increase awareness, establish credibility, and strengthen your community. Transform the way the world sees your nonprofit and start telling your story today!

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