Old Western Personal Project

The concept was re-imagined after visiting some small town cafe in the middle of no where Texas.  They had several old west photos that decorated the cafe.   I sat on the idea for two years.  I happened to have a few wardrobe stylist friends that helped me put this together.  We shot at the J. Loraine Ghost town that’s out in Manor Texas.

  • Conceptual Old Western
  • western art
  • western_cowboy_pulling_gun
  • moody_western_scene
  • showgirl_portrait_with_horse
  • western_shootout_
  • western_gun_fight_with_hooker
  • western_dansel_in_distress
  • split_lighting_christian_western
  • hooker_western_portrait_with_horse
  • saloon_scene_western
  • gang_of_men_outside_saloon_western
  • western art photography
  • gambling_scene_western_saloon