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Non-Profit/ Humanitarian Photographer Utah

We provide photography and video for humanitarian projects and for nonprofits.  Services include event coverage, fundraising videos, headshots, and awareness campaigns.

Cass Studios is a Salt Lake City-based Non Profit Humanitarian Photography Studio

We help you execute your brand across multiple multimedia platforms, whether you are just getting started or an established brand. We work tirelessly to meet your advertising goals under the direction of Natalie Cass, one of Utah’s renowned Non Profit Humanitarian Photographers In Salt Lake City. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients achieve maximum social impact by utilizing our photography skills and practices.

Non-profit Humanitarian Photography Studio:

Cass Studios enables non-profit humanitarian organizations to publicize their work through startling photography. So, we take pride in providing advertising, event coverage, and fundraising photography to non-profits and humanitarian organizations all over the world. Our photographers work around the clock to ensure that your humanitarian projects and nonprofits get the maximum exposure possible.

Non-profit Humanitarian Video Production:

We are a group of talented Humanitarian & Non-Profit Photographers in Utah who are dedicated to bringing your social stories to life. Video content is king all over the world as it has a huge impact on viewers. With that in mind, we do everything we can to show the world what your non-profit humanitarian organizations are up to.

Have a project in mind that we could assist you with? Let’s work together to create something unique and stunning!! We’d like to hear from you further.