Our beautiful model Miss Wright had her body paint done- it took 5 hours of application before I even got there. The painting is done by the talent special effects makeup artist Chris Hansen. Just a dash of sexy! Body Paint Photography by Cass Studios www.cassstudios.com

I was Brooklyn for business and I was staying with my good Friends and they live in the tallest building in Brooklyn. So going to the roof is incredible. No need to fight the lines at the Empire State building to see the skyline. We decided to hang out there enjoy some wine and these people were lighting these Fire Lanterns and letting them float off the building. I happened

Animal Use or Animal Abuse. Rooster’s nature to Fight- Cockfighting Recently we photographed Danny Rogers & his birds; he is a bird wrangler, He raises and cares for all sorts of animals- specifically Roosters and Racing Pedigree Pigeons in Lockhart Texas. He raises the birds and sales them worldwide. It is illegal to fight roosters across the states. The word on the street is that it still happens in small

Costa Rica, Pura Vida!! Here is a preview of a Coffee Table book im creating. “Pura Vida” Travel the world, take pictures and make money is the Dream manifested to reality. Awesome. 🙂 These images were actually taken for fun- the money came later. Returning to Awe/ Wonder; is what got me into photography in the first place. This is fun! When I did my research about traveling to Costa

Be your personal adventure photographer? Don’t mind if I do! I am collaborating with adventurer sports extraordinaire Bill Heaner. He does everything you could imagine, paragliding, rock climb, base jump and etc. He is a master in his fields and teaches new eager folks. My job is to more or less follow him around on his adventures while participating in the sports. He has a product line and a tv

For a few months during the winter I worked up at the Canyons Ski Resort in Park City Ut. I had alot of fun being up on the mountian every day getting my ski on. It was a challenging photography job being out in the cold on skis with all your gear. The sunny days were amazing but the cold days we weren’t as busy and you would just stand

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