This was like a reality television show 72 hour film festival to shoot this Christian Rock Band…. The Jonny Wright Band. My right hand is Rachel Kay with AppleBox Imaging , brilliant photographer friend and together we orchestrated chaos( produced, creative direction, scrip, directed, Lighting design, ward robe, post production, CD design, Photography, Video Editing) in the name of spreading their message of Hope. We got the go for the

Light in the Dark; The Love story behind the music that started on MySpace! There story is what you hear about in movies. Seriously. A quick version: They met on MySpace and decided they wanted to collaborate on an album. Dave Tate is from Salt Lake City Ut and Victoria Lagerström is from Sweden. Victoria came to Utah and they got engaged within two weeks then got married a few

In her element, Photographer Natalie Cass is out on the Salt Flats UT, with musicians Lootchiano, Redd Green and Trumpet player Nick Romer creating a music video Soulhouette “I love What I do”. Theme song for Cass Studios, I love what I do. Video Production done by Strillogy films.

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